How to choose a lawyer ?

It happens rather rarely that we are in need of a lawyer, but when we do, we often do not know how to find the one that would best suit our needs.

Before thus making a decision on a particular lawyer, one should do some research. In the following are named several points you should consider when choosing a lawyer:

Interviewing the lawyer of your choice.

During the initial consultation most lawyers offer at no charge, you could ask the lawyer some questions concerning his or her experience, track record of success, special skills or certifications, additional costs, fees, etc.

Ask other lawyers

Usually, lawyers know the reputation and skills of other lawyers, and might thus provide information that could be interesting for you. Especially information about a lawyer’s ethics, competence level and practice habits is very precious, as you may not find it in a book or online.

Carry out a background check

Contacting the lawyer disciplinary agency in your state might be a senseful idea to make sure that the lawyer is in good standing as a member of the bar. Checking references before hiring a lawyer is always useful, especially if you found the lawyer through the Internet.

Take a look at the lawyer’s law office.

If you have the chance to visit the office or the conference room of the lawyer you have chosen, you might get an impression of the way this person is working. Is the law office efficient and well- run, the support staff friendly and helpful? Ask yourself similar questions when having a look around the offices.

Ask the lawyer you have used before for advice

If you have already used a lawyer, ask the same for recommendations about a lawyer who may be the best to handle your legal issues. As lawyers are often specialised, e.g. in divorce , the lawyer that offered his services to you before, might know someone who did actually specialise in divorce and has, add to this, a good reputation and skill.

Ask friends for recommendations

You have never used a lawyer, who could help you to choose the one that would best suit your needs? Just ask some friends or family members for advice! Most probably, one among them has used a lawyer and can tell you about his or her experience with him. In any case, a personal recommendation is normally a useful way to choose any professional. Apart from family and friends, there are also other people you could ask for recommendations on lawyers: be it your doctor, accountant, financial advisor or your employer- there are numerous people to ask for advice who have already had experience with a certain number of lawyers in different life situations.