What is the best time to consult a lawyer ?

One often assumes that there is plenty of time to consider one's alternatives when it comes to legal issues. But many situations actually require you to act faster than you think, as deadlines come closer and closer.

Why should you plan some time in advance?

  • As you and your lawyer need lots of time to prepare, it is considered wise to start looking for a lawyer sooner than later.
  • There is a number of deadlines you should be aware of when dealing with legal matters.
  • Sometimes there are limits on your rights, e.g. when you have been injured in an accident.
  • The so-called “states of limitation” are based on the particular case and vary from state to state.
  • Occasionally, the law obliges you to take care of a claimant in order to inform possible defendants about any injury within a very short period of time - often not even more than a few weeks or months.