When do you need a lawyer ?

People consult with lawyers for advice and expertise for all kinds of problems in all kinds of situations. Talking to an experienced lawyer may be the best thing to do if you are struggling with a legal problem that you cannot resolve yourself. Even though many lawyers require a minimal fee for initial consultation you might also be able to arrange a free consultation with a lawyer.

There are several reasons for a hiring a lawyer, as they:

  • explain the law to you
  • help you to assess your options
  • support you when dealing with conflicts with other people
  • prepare letters, court forms and legal documents
  • represent you in court

It is well known that there are thousands of people who win their trials without a lawyer on their side. But there are also those who should have won the hearings, but didn’t - due to the lack of a lawyer protecting and representing their interest and rights.

When thinking about hiring a lawyer you should especially consider the following question:

  • What is at stake?

If your finances or liberties are seriously in risk, you should definitely consult a lawyer. It is obvious that, when small amounts of money are concerned, legal help is not necessarily required. Otherwise, when dealing with larger fees and even warrants that have been issued for your arrest, you should probably decide on hiring a lawyer in order to best resolve the situation, save money and keep you out of jail.

One often has a better feeling about important undertakings after consulting an experienced lawyer.

When dealing with the following issues, it is often recommended to get legal help:

  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • drafting wills
  • trusts
  • negotiating business deals
  • pursuing personal matters such as adopting children

Apart from hiring a lawyer, there exists a number of alternative sources in order to resolve your legal matters. You can address yourself to:

  • companies and public utilities that offer customer service departments dealing with customer problems and complaints
  • state attorney general offices and other agencies providing customer protection departments
  • agencies in your state responsible for overseeing the industry you are having problems with, for instance regulated industries such as banking or insurance
  • community groups, elder associations, civil rights groups and other organisations offering legal support and information

Summing up, you should always consider if it is worth your time and expense to retain a lawyer depending on what is at stake. If you are not sure about what your legal rights are, legal help is the best way to evaluate your situation and get advice on other possibilities of action. Based on the matter that is concerned, a lawyer could be a wise investment that, in the end, saves your time and money.