What are the employment opportunities for lawyers ?

When we think about lawyers we usually have the typical image of an individual advocate performing his duties from small home offices or even crowded rooms leading to various courts. But for several years one can observe an emerging trend in law changing this persistent image of a lawyer. Nowadays, lawyers move away from solo legal practice to well-organised law firms in which the legal prcticioners cooperate as an entity.

Still- the number of solo practitioners is still in majority, even law firms are increasing. Therefore, it is obvisous that the mentionned trend is unmistakable.

There are several options from one can choose when graduated from law school:

  • become a solo law practitioner

If you choose to become a one-man legal practitioner, a typical day would not only include court appearances but also client meetings and legal draftings. In order to set up your own practice, it is indispensible to start your professional career under a senior advocate or obviously, a legal firm.

  • being part of a law firm and cooperate with other lawyers as an entity

  • pursuing a career in cooperate law

In this case, it might be a good idea to start in a law firms, since sorporate clients are likely to contact legal firms instead of individual legal practitioners.

When talking about the legal profession, one has to mention another change this job has undergone over the last decade. Regarding the field of corporate law it becomes evident that, with the opening of the the market, rules companies are following have completely changed. As corporate law is to an increasing extent catering to the particular needs of the specific organisation, it is often the case that the general task is to tailor the generic law the way it would suit the specific requirments of the organisation.

Taking these changes into account, one can in general say, that corporate lawyers are the ones to give advice corporations advice about their legal rights and duties.

Finally, one should keep in mind that, in the last decade, corporate lawyer has become an extremely popular and profitable career alternative- especially when taking into account the numerous foreign law firms moving into India and thus causing the salaries to rise.

  • corpoerate lawyer with experience in securities and transactions

In the last years the demand for legal practitioners highly experienced in securities and transactions has grown. A trend that continues to expand. Due to the fact that even smaller companies are nowadays taking part in foreign transactions, they are also, apart from the major companies, in need of corporate lawyers skilled in international law.

Considering the increasing private sector participation and liberaisation, it becomes clear that contract law is gaining more and more importance, thus advancing the need for drawing up contracts and clarifying statues and statutory provisions. Especially, laws dealing with securities and banking are, are with the advance of e-commerce, to an increased extent matters of interest.

  • get additional qualification

In order to advance your prospects further, it mioght be helpoful to get additional qualification. These include for instance: Company Secretaryship or a degree in HR or Industrial Relations with knowlesge of labour laws depending on the field you plan to specialize in. Otherwise, there is also the option to choose a Master’s in Business Laws after your MBA or CS in order to success in your professionnal career.

  • work as a legal coresspondant of a newspaper

If you prefer writing, you might try to contact the legal correpondant of a newspaper and move afterwards to independent reporting.

  • join a reputed legal publishing house

  • teaching

  • research

  • go into politics

All in all, one can thus name the following six fields lawyers can engage in:

  • Careers in Legal Administration
  • Careers in the Courthouse
  • Careers in Legal Education
  • Careers in Intellectual Property
  • Careers in the Political System
  • Miscellaneous Legal Careers